Summer Styles to Protect

Summer Styles to Protect

As summer (and adventure!) approaches, you want to make sure to protect your children from the elements while they're embarking on whatever adventure the day has in store for them.

Follow these key tips to create a fashionable, yet practical, outfit for your little one and they'll be ready for the adventures to come!

  • Hats can offer a stylish way to protect the delicate, sensitive skin on their face, ears, and scalp. Find them the right hat and chances are they won't leave the house without it!
  • Light fabrics and light colors work great on long sleeve shirts to keep them cool in the sun.
  • Just because it's cloudy doesn't mean they won't be soaking up tons of sun! Apply SPF-50 or higher every hour or so that they're outside. They might complain now, but their dermatologist will thank you when they're older!

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